Personalized and Genomic Medicine Online Graduate Certificate Program


The personalized & genomic medicine certificate program provides an opportunity for current and future healthcare professionals, researchers and recent graduates of scientific programs to acquire knowledge and skills in the emerging field of personalized medicine. 

Personalized medicine is an evolving scientific and clinical reality with the potential to transform healthcare and improve health outcomes.  Personalized medicine requires the integration of numerous data sources, including clinical observations and imaging, -omics datasets (e.g., genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, metabolomic and proteomic data), and electronic health records.  This online certificate program focuses on genomics, including the genetic underpinnings of disease and treatment response as well as integration of genetic data with other -omics and electronic health data. 

After completion of the certificate program, students will have the skills and knowledge to enable them to incorporate the principles of personalized medicine into their research, clinical, and industry careers. 

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Cost per credit: $690

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Personalized and Genomic Medicine Online Graduate Certificate Program

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Program Details

This program is designed for current and future healthcare professionals, research professionals, and recent graduates who are interested in pursuing further studies in personalized medicine and genomics. This certificate is for students who are looking for initial exposure to personalized medicine or expertise in the field for an employment opportunity.

Tuition & Fees

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The Personalized and Genomic Medicine certificate takes two semesters, on average, and can be completed fully online.  The certificate requires 12 credits and four online courses.


Application Deadline:

June 1: Fall Start

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree (minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0) and be proficient in English language skills.


Course #Required?Course NameCredit HoursSemester
PMED6010YesFoundations in Personalized Health3Fall
PMED6210YesMulti-omic Approaches in Personalized Medicine3Spring
BIOS6310No – either 6310 or 6910 must be takenPractical Clinical Research Informatics *3Spring
PMED6910No – either 6310 or 6910 must be takenApplications and Challenges in Personalized Medicine3Spring

*This course has a pre-requisite of having basic familiarity in R programming/R studio. Students will be offered an opportunity to take a 1 credit course in the fall and/or given online resources to meet this pre-requisite.


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