Our CLIA certified Biobank is not just a research endeavor, it is the primary tool in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Through the Biobank we obtain and store hundreds of thousands of samples for research use, generate data, and apply it for clinical use through technical and analytic validation. The Biobank translates research into clinical space. Genomic and other ‘omic’ data information from participant samples is used to research the causes of health and disease, leading to discoveries that improve the current standards of care. Since its inception, 20,000 blood samples have been collected. For more information, see Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Biobank​.

Clinical Operations

Our aim is to establish a multidisciplinary clinic that utilizes personalized medicine as its mode of treatment in collaboration with other schools and colleges of the University. We will aim to build on specific patient populations and needs to develop specific clinical programs, and research.​​​​

Health Data Compass

Health Data Compass is an enterprise health data warehouse that integrates patient clinical data from the electronic health records at the University of Colorado Health and Children's Hospital Colorado (CHCO). Compass links patient records from both institutions to create longitudinal records and integrate available *omics data. Data collected is then de-identified and provided to investigators within the guidelines of HIPAA as requested. Learn more about Health Data Compass​.​

Translational Informatics & Computational Resource

The Translational Informatics and Computational Resource (TICR) Center is tasked with analyzing raw data produced by genetic sequencing and identifying patterns that point to increased risk of disease. TICR’s goal is to become a multidisciplinary, robust computing resource to foster omics-based researching using high-throughput data, development and implementation of computational methods and tools for sequence analysis and systems biology to:

  • Engage all components of CCPM for scientific discovery