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Tandem Upload Guide


Follow the steps below to upload your Tandem pump to t:Connect.

If using a Dexcom and it is linked to your pump, you do not need to upload it separately.

If using a Dexcom or another CGM that is not linked to your pump, you will need to upload it separately. See bottom of page.

Get ready to upload.


Before you get started:

Are you using the Tandem t:Connect mobile app?

If yes, you may not need to upload manually but make sure your sync is up to date.

Please note:

The app times out frequently and may not be up to date syncing your pump data with the server. Log in to your t:Connect account at and check to see if the data are up to date.

If not up to date (may be one day behind), you will need to upload manually following the instructions below. The app will not catch up in time for your appointment. 

What you'll need:

  • Your pump
  • USB cable (micro)
  • Computer running Windows or Mac

Get Started

Don't plug in your pump just yet.


Download and open the t:Connect Uploader

If you have previously uploaded from home, you may already have the t:Connect Uploader installed on your computer. Check the Start Menu (Windows) and Finder (Mac) for the Uploader software and open the application.

If not installed already, download the software here. Follow the system prompts to install the application, then open the Uploader program.


Plug in the pump and follow the software prompts

When prompted by the Uploader software, plug in your pump. Once plugged in, the "Start Upload" will turn blue. Click "Start Upload" to begin the upload.

If the button remains grayed out after plugging in your pump, it is likely your cable, even if it is charging the pump. Try using a different cable to complete the upload.


Wait for the upload to complete

Leave the pump plugged in until you receive the "Upload Successful" notification. This may take a few minutes as the data syncs with the server.

If your pump has been uploaded previously, the data will automatically be synced to your t:Connect account - Tandem links the pump to your account by serial number. If you are uploading a new pump or have not previously uploaded you will be asked to sign in to your t:Connect account or create a new account.


Check your data

Click the "View Reports" button and log in to the t:Connect portal ( to check your data. 

The latest date displayed should be the previous full day (i.e. If you are uploading in the afternoon on the 10th of the month, the last date shown should be the 9th).


Share your data

If you have previously shared your t:Connect data with the Barbara Davis Center, you are all set.

If you have not shared, or are not sure, we will need your t:Connect username (email) and password to link your account.

Share with the BDC


You're all set!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact

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