Helpful Hints while in Aspen

The Weather

Who knows? It is often very nice with cool evenings and warm mid-days and usually there is a very good chance of sunshine. It has only snowed twice and on two occasions a spectacular rain storm dampened the picnic. Be prepared with at least an emergency rain coat and good walking shoes for the trails around the picnic ground.


All sessions are very informal. It is unusual for attendees to wear full dress suits and ties. Even the most informal attire is certainly acceptable. Since the nights in Aspen are likely to be cool, a jacket or sweater is recommended.

Recreational Activities

Bring your tennis rackets, running shoes (for the annual mountain run) and fishing rods if you would like to try some trout fishing. There are other recreational activities, such as bicycling, golf, horseback riding and river raft trips, the latter of which are usually exciting if the run off is good (meaning the fishing is poor).

High Altitude (ASPEN = 7,930 feet)

Just a few words of advice to make your trip to high altitude more enjoyable. Reduced air density increases the ultraviolet rays causing more severe sun burns. Use protective cream if you are out for extended periods. Bring and wear sunglasses. The dry air robs the body of its moisture. Drink (water!) two to three times more than usual.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Depending upon several factors, 20-30% of sea level residents will develop one or more symptoms of AMS with their sojourn to altitude. Symptoms include: headache, a touch of nausea, tiredness and insomnia. Spending two nights at 5,000 feet (Denver) decreases symptoms of AMS. Diamox, 125 mg BID, one day before travel, the travel day and the first one or two days at altitude helps. In addition, take it easy, reduce both your alcohol and salt intake.


If you have any last minute questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact Jeanne Cleary at (303) 358-2797 or e-mail:

For more information about Aspen, please visit: Aspen Chamber Resort Association website.

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Exploring the Void: Advances in Parenchymal Destruction in Emphysema

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