The prevalence of inflammatory lung diseases is increasing due to exposure to novel infectious pathogens and environmental agents. To address this need, the 2022 Thomas L. Petty Aspen Lung Conference will integrate basic, translational, and clinical approaches to:

  1. Understand the roles played by innate and adaptive immunity in disease pathogenesis,
  2. Evaluate the interface between the innate and adaptive immune responses in COVID-19 and other lung diseases,
  3. Assess the role of adaptive immunity in the development of autoimmunity and autoimmune lung disease,
  4. Discuss lessons learned from immunologic cancer treatments and approaches, and
  5. Define new paradigms to harness the immune system and treat lung diseases.

The conference will provide an international forum that brings together leading basic, translational, and clinical researchers and welcomes trainees across the fields of pulmonary medicine, cell biology and immunology with the goal of identifying shared interests that will lead to more productive research and ultimately, more effective, personalized therapies.

Finally, the varied scientific themes and therapeutic strategies that emerge during the conference will be reconciled in the Conference Summary presented by Dr. Anuradha Ray (University of Pittsburgh).

Two Thomas L. Petty Fellow Travel Awards will be awarded to help defray the costs for female and under-represented minority trainees to present their work.



We look forward to your participation in the Thomas L. Petty Aspen Lung Conference, 64rd Annual Meeting and to a combination of outstanding science and great fun. We hope that you and your colleagues can join us.

William J. Janssen, M.D., Chair
Andrew P. Fontenot, M.D., Chair
Lisa A. Maier, M.D., Chair



Americans with Disabilities Act Statement: Please indicate if you have any need for auxiliary aids or special assistance services.