Faculty and Staff


Muhammad Aftab, MD, FACC

Muhammad Aftab MD, FACC

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Michael T. Cain, MD

Michael Cain MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
David Campbell, MD

David N Campbell MD

Professor of Surgery
Joseph Cleveland, Jr., MD

Joseph C Cleveland Jr. MD

Professor of Surgery, Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Fred and Carol Grover Endowed Chair in Surgery Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs
Elizabeth David, MD, MAS

Elizabeth David MD, MAS

Associate Professor of Surgery Co-Director of Faculty Health & Engagement
Emily Downs, MD

Emily Downs MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
David A. Fullerton, MD

David A Fullerton MD

Professor of Surgery John T. M. Wright Endowed Chair in Heart Valve Surgery
Fred Grover, MD

Frederick L Grover MD

Professor Emeritus
Jordan R.H. Hoffman, MPH, MD

Jordan R H Hoffman MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Surgery Surgical Director of Heart/Lung Transplantation, ECMO, and CTEPH Programs
James Jaggers, MD

James Jaggers MD

Professor of Surgery Barton-Elliman Chair and Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Children's Hospital of Colorado
Robert Meguid, MD, MPH

Robert A Meguid MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Surgery Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Research
John Mitchell, MD

John D Mitchell MD

Professor of Surgery Courtenay C. & Lucy P. Davis Endowed Chair in Surgical Thoracic Oncology
Mitchell, Max, MD

Max Mitchell MD

Professor of Surgery
Simran Randhawa, MD

Simran Randhawa MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Brett Reece, MD

T. Brett Reece MD, MBA

Professor of Surgery Program Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency, Director, Thoracic Aortic Surgery
Jessica Rove, MD

Jessica Rove MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
Matthew L. Stone, MD, PhD

Matthew L Stone MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Advanced Practice Providers

Laura Archambeau, NP-C

Laura Archambeau NP-C

Alison Barker, PA-C

Alison Barker PA-C

Caitlin Blaine, PA-C

Caitlin Blaine PA-C

Senior Instructor
Daniel Connolly, PA-C

Daniel Connolly PA-C

Beth Devine, PA-C

Elizabeth Devine PA-C

Samantha DeYoung, PA-C

Samantha Deyoung PA-C

Mitchell Erickson, PA-C, MS

Mitchell Erickson PA-C, MS

Lauren Funk, PA-C

Lauren Funk PA-C

Kelsey Heil, AGACNP-BC

Kelsey Heil AGACNP-BC

Kathryn Eckert, NP

Kathryn Hoidal NP

Barbie Jones, FNP-C, RNFA

Barbie Jones FNP-C, RNFA

Alexis Keyworth, PA-C

Alexis Keyworth PA-C

Sarah Longyhore, PA-C, MMS

Sarah Longyhore PA-C, MMS

Courtney Matter, PA-C

Courtney Matter MPA, PA-C

Katie McCabe, NP

Katherine McCabe NP

Nurse Practitioner
Erin McIntyre, PA-C, MPH

Erin McIntyre PA-C, MPH

Monique L. Minter, DMSc, PA-C

Monique L Minter DMSc, PA-C

Stephanie Ortiz, MS-FNP

Stephanie Ortiz MS-FNP

Karishma Sack, RN

Karishma Sack

Registered Nurse
Kathleen Toldi, RN

Kathleen Toldi RN, BSN

Thoracic Surgery Care Manager
Michael Wells, PA-C

Michael L Wells PA-C

Instructor Physician Assistant
Amanda Young, NP

Amanda Young NP

Instructor Clinic Coordinator, Thoracic Oncology Multidisciplinary Clinic


Christian Scott

Christian Scott

Division Administrative Director
Michelle Bedell

Michelle Bedell

Administrative and Business Operations Senior Professional, supporting Dr. Cleveland, Dr. Reece, Dr. Hoffman, and Dr. Fullerton
Kylea DePottyondy

Kylea Depottyondy

Patient Affairs Coordinator III
Shantel Hardy

Shantel Hardy

Business Services Professional supporting Dr. Cain, Dr. David, Dr. Mitchell, and Dr. Randhawa
LaKenya Holladay

Lakenya Holladay

Patient Affairs Coordinator II
Lida Khailova, MS

Lida Khailova MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant Lab Manager
Jennifer Luzania

Jennifer Luzania

Patient Affairs Coordinator III
Diana Messamore

Diana Messamore

Administrative Assistant III supporting Dr. Aftab, Dr. Grover, Dr. Meguid, and Dr. Rove
Brenda Murillo Montes

Brenda Murillo Montes

Patient Affairs Coordinator II
Alyssia Poole

Alyssia Poole

Patient Affairs Coordinator I
Christian Scott

Christian Scott

Division Administrative Director
Jennifer Yang

Jennifer Yang

Program Coordinator, Transplant Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Congenital Cardiac Surgery Fellowships


CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue

Room: 6111

Aurora, CO 80045


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