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Welcome to RITTSR, a campus-wide resource open to all investigators. RITTSR is operated in conjunction with the RNA Bioscience Initiative (RBI) and dedicated to providing comprehensive RNA services. Unlike many core services, RITTSR will provide complete end-to-end solutions from experimental design through data analysis.  Deliverables for all services include a reproducible data analysis pipeline and high-quality figures suitable for publication. 

ServiceUnitSOM RateCU Anschutz RateOther Rate


Each experiment includes experimental design, 1 comparison (2 samples each in triplicate), and data analysis.

per exp$6,200  

single-cell RNA-sequencing

Each experiment includes experimental design, 2 captures (up to 25,000 cells per capture), and data analysis.

per exp$13,200  

ribosomal profiling

Each experiment includes experimental design, 1 comparison in replicate, and data analysis.

per exp$10,500  

mRNA-lipid nanoparticle (LNP) production

Each preparation includes gene design and synthesis, mRNA production by IVT, and LNP packaging. This is enough product to inject 5-10 mice, depending on the experiment. 

per exp$4000  

long read sequencing


per exp$13,092  
consultationper hour$325  


Meet the RITTSR Team

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Jane Doe, PhD



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Sam Black, PhD

Assistant Director


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