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The Center was born from the vision of Dr. C. Neill Epperson, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, who recognized the urgent need for new, innovative approaches for dealing with the current mental health crisis. Dr. Jay Shore was named Vice Chair for Innovations in 2022 to oversee the Department’s portfolio of mental health innovation initiatives. He led the establishment of the department’s Brain and Behavior Innovation Center, BBICen, under the authority of the University of Colorado system. He now serves as the Executive Director under Dr. Epperson, who serves as the Senior Scientific Advisor. 


Vision & Mission 


Vision: The Brain and Behavior Innovation Center (BBICen) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus fosters innovation in mental and behavioral health treatment and care delivery in the service of “Brain Health for all, for life” to improve the well-being of patients, their families, and communities in the greater Rocky Mountain region and beyond.  This will be accomplished by fostering and supporting a culture of innovation in health care technology delivery, and in novel interventional and pharmacological therapeutics within the Department of Psychiatry and across the CU Anschutz campus. The Center will work to support the University of Colorado’s leading national and international reputation in innovations with expertise in brain and behavior.  


Mission: Our mission is to advance innovations in mental and behavioral health through the three pillars of Technology, Therapeutics, and Care Redesign. In each of these we will: 1) create, develop, implement, and evaluate novel approaches to treatment; 2) foster a workforce and culture that creates and advances innovations; 3) partner with internal and external collaborators in academia, government, industry, and community; and 4) promote the development of institutional, intellectual, and financial resources. 



Overall elements of BBICen structure include:
  • Core and affiliated faculty and staff are drawn from those with experience and expertise working on mental and brain health innovations projects both within the Department of Psychiatry and in collaboration with key partners across the Anschutz Campus. They support and implement the overall strategic direction of the Center and execute individual innovation projects.
  • The interdisciplinary skillset of both the center faculty and staff, advisors and external partners will work in synergy, ensuring a systemic approach towards innovation.


The Brain & Behavior Innovation Center (BBICen)

Contact Us

Tereza Guedes, PhD (she/her/hers)

Innovations Program Manager, BBICen

Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Phone: (303) 724 2794


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

1890 N. Revere Court, Aurora, CO  80045

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