Tips for COMIRB

New Submissions to COMIRB Checklist

Complete required CITI Training modules. These must be completed before you gain access to eRA (InfoEd).

  • Determine if you are conducting Human Subject Research. You may find the following documents to be helpful:
    • Deciding if an Activity is Considered Human Subject Research
    • COMIRB Decision Trees– Determining Human Subject Research
  • ​Determine if your study should be submitted as Exempt, Expedited Review, or Full Board Review.
  • ​If you are working with COMIRB Affiliated institutions (DHHA, CHCO, VA, etc.) you must submit for Institutional Approval at each site you are working with.
  • ​Once you determine what kind of COMIRB review is needed for your study, create a new study in eRA (InfoEd). Access to the portal can be found on the COMIRB homepage.
  • ​Log in using your UCD credentials.
  • ​Select “Human Subjects from the left navigation pane
  • ​Select “Create New”. A box will pop up with “New Human Protocol in Human Subjects Development” marked. Click on “continue”
  • ​Follow the prompts to create a new protocol. You may wish to add a delegate who will be able to add documents, send and receive communications, etc.
  • ​Complete the Application for Protocol Review
  • ​Compile Required Supporting Documents
  • ​If your study is not exempt, you must also submit through the Human Subject Research Portal
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