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Emerging Assays

Additional Biomarker Research

Novel biomarkers for early detection of cancer

  1. miRNA as a biomarker in Early Detection of Lung Cancer: Here we are developing miRNA signatures for tumor versus normal tissue with a review of the literature.  We ultimately anticipate demonstrating miRNA signatures in plasma which may determine cancer in high-risk patients diagnosed with lung nodules by CT-Scan.  Here we also have acquired an HTG Edge system to improve miRNA recovery from plasma using a unique nuclease protection chemistry.
  2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Exhaled Breath: In collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Hossam Haick at Technion University in Israel, unique VOC signatures are determined from breath samples employing a novel gold nanoparticle microarray detector and compared to data from GC/MS.

Novel biomarkers for determination of cancer cells

  1. Development of assays including IHC, mRNA ISH, SISH, CISH or PLA for new and emerging targets including Frizzled 1-2, and FGF ligands, among others.
  2. Working with major funding agencies to evaluate antibodies for important targets such as PD-L1 using Laboratory Derived Tests which are optimized on autostainer platforms such as the Dako Link48 or the Ventana Benchmark XT.