Research Focus

Dr. Pitts is a member of the Developmental Therapeutics Program at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and his lab is focused on developing new novel therapies for colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Specifically, he is interested in finding rational combination partners for molecularly-targeted anticancer agents and developing predictive biomarkers for these agents. The lab utilizes a large bank of patient derived xenograft models and bioinformatic approaches to better understand potential resistance mechanisms in GI cancers.

Recently, Dr. Pitts has focused on the metabolic reprogramming following targeted therapy and how targeting cancer metabolism can be exploited to enhance the efficacy of targeted agents and immunotherapy. Additionally, Dr. Pitts works closely with medical oncologists conducting correlative biological assays for early phase clinical trials to develop predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers for novel targeted anti-cancer agents. This bench to bedside and back approach aids in developing models based on patient responses to enhance the efficacy of anticancer compounds.​

Lab Personnel

Todd Pitts, PhD
Assistant Professor
Principal Investigator 

Stacy Bagby, BA
Senior Professional Research Assistant

Sarah Hartman, MS
Senior Professional Research Assistant

Natalie Navarro, MS
Senior Professional Research Assistant

Betty Yacob, BA
Professional Research Assistant