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The Lyons laboratory focuses on mechanisms of semaphorin 7a and lymphatic mediated metastasis of breast cancer.  Specifically, we utilize mouse models of breast cancer to investigate developmentally regulated programs of inflammation and lymphangiogenesis that are utilized in the adult mammary gland and may be hijacked by breast tumor cells.  The results of these translational studies have the potential to instruct therapy aimed at prevention of breast cancer metastasis.  

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selected publications

“Silencing of Semaphorin 7a attenuates breast tumor progression.” Sarah Black, Andrew C Nelson, Natalia Gurule, Bernard W Futscher, Traci R Lyons. Cancer Research 76 (7 Supplement), PR10-PR10.

"Investigating the Role of Semaphorin 7a in Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Progression." Lyndsey Crump*, Alan Elder, Sarah Tarullo, Paris Franz, and Traci R Lyons. MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH 16 (8), 89-89.

“Investigating the role of semaphorin 7a in triple-negative breast cancer cell invasion.” Sarah Tarullo, Alan Elder, Ryan Hill, Kirk Hansen, Traci R Lyons. MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH 16 (8), 90-9.

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