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Research Focus

Dr. Kabos’ interest is in translating preclinical findings into novel treatments for patients with breast cancer. The Kabos lab focuses on the role of breast cancer stem cells and tumor microenvironment in treatment resistance.

Selected Publications

Kabos P, Dye WW, Elias A, Horwitz KB, Sartorius CA. Rare ER-/CK5+ cells in luminal type human breast cancers are resistant to hormone therapy and chemotherapy and repopulate ER+ tumors. AACR 100th Annual Meeting 2009, Denver, CO, Abstract # 7489 (oral presentation) 

Horwitz KB, Dye WW, Harrell JC, Kabos P, Sartorius CA. Rare steroid receptor-negative basal-like tumorigenic cells in luminal subtype human breast cancer xenografts. PNAS. 2008 April 15, 105(15): 5774–5779.

Ehtesham M, Winston JA, Kabos P, Thompson RC. CXCR4 expression mediates glioma cell invasiveness. Oncogene. 2006 May 4;25(19):2801-2806.

Kabos P, Kabosova A, Neuman T. Blocking HES1 expression initiates GABAergic differentiation and induces the expression of p21(CIP1/WAF1) in human neural stem cells. J Biol Chem. 2002 Mar 15;277(11):8763-8766.


Lab Personnel

Peter Kabos, MD
Associate Professor
Principal Investigator

Heaher Brechbuhl, PhD
Research Instructor

Amy Han, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Etana Kopin, MS
Professional Research Assistant

Kiran Vinod Paul, MS
Professional Research Assistant