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Studying the Power of Therapy Resistance

With support from a $3.3 million federal grant Virginia Borges, MD, and Traci Lyons, PhD, will investigate how a molecule they’ve been studying for a decade is able to promote resistance to therapies for a major type of breast cancer in the hopes of determining how to switch off the molecule’s harmful interference.

Flaig, Tom

Exciting Updates for Bladder Cancer Treatment

At this years annual NCCN Conference in Orlando Dr. Flaig was excited to share the effectiveness of enfortumab vedotin, a new antibody drug conjugate that targets a particular or a bladder cancer cell and then delivers chemotherapy directly to that cell.

Lieu, Chris

Rise in Colon Cancer Among Younger Populations

According to Dr. Chris Lieu, colon cancer is becoming the number one cancer-related issue in younger populations, with The American Cancer Society expecting more than 150,000 people to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2024.

Baiyee, Emily

How a Passion for Research Can Improve Patient Care

Dr. Baiyee discusses how her love of research has not only allowed her to improve patient care but also  advance medicine. "It’s not just about taking care of patients, as far as their disease, but more holistically. My goal is to make this really, really hard experience as tolerable as possible and to offer them all the support we have"

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