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Vickery JM, Toperzer JD, Raab JE, Lenz LL, Colgan SP, Russo BC (2023) Synaptopodin is necessary for Shigella flexneri intercellular spread. BioRxiv

,,Evaluation of Escherichia coli Inactivation at High Altitudes Using Solar Water Disinfection. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. 34 (1): 38-44.


LaSalle TJ, Gonye ALK, Freeman SS, Kaplonek P, Gushterova I, Kays KR, Manakongtreecheep K, Tantivit J, Rojas-Lopez M, Russo BC, Sharma N, Thomas MF, Lavin-Parsons KM, Lilly BM, Mckaig BM, Charland NC, Khanna HK, Lodenstein CL, Margolin JD, Blaum EM, Lirofonis PB, Sonny A, Bhattacharyya RP, Parry BA, Goldberg MB, Alter G, Filbin MR, Villani AC, Hacohen N, Sade-Feldman M (2021 ) Longitudinal characterization of circulating neutrophils uncovers distinct phenotypes associated with disease severity in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.  Cell Reports Medicine 3 (10): 100779



Chen P, Russo BC, Duncan-Lowey JK, Bitar N, Egger KT, Goldberg MB. (2021) Topology and contribution to the pore channel lining of plasma membrane-embedded Shigella flexneri type 3 secretion translocase IpaB. mBio 12(6):e0302121.


*Russo BC, Duncan-Lowey JK, Chen P, Goldberg MB. (2021) The type 3 secretion system requires actin polymerization to form open translocon pore complexes PLOS Pathogens. 17(9): e1009932.

*uploaded to BioRxiv: doi:


Kaplonek P, Wang C, Bartsch Y, Fischinger S, Gorman MJ, Bowman K, Kang J, Dayal D, Martin P, Nowak RP, Villani A-C, Hsieh C-L, Charland NC, Gonye ALK, Gushterova I, Khanna HK, LaSalle TJ, Lavin-Parsons KM, Lilley BM, Lodenstein, Manakongtreecheep K, Margolin JD, McKaig BN, Rojas-Lopez M, Russo BC , Sharma N, Tantivit J, Thomas MF, Sade-Feldman M, Feldman J, Julg B, Nilles EJ, Musk ER, Menon AS, Fisher ES, McClellan JS, Schmidt A, Goldber MB, Filbin MR, Hacohen N, Lauffenburger DA, Alter G. (2021) Early cross-coronavirus reactive signatures of humoral immunity against COVID-19 Science Immunology. DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.abj2901.       


Li Y, Schneider AM, Mehta A, Sade-Feldman M, Kays KR, Gentili M, Charland NC, Gonye ALK, Gushterova I, Khanna HK, LaSalle TJ, Lavin-Parsons KM, Lilley BM, Lodenstein CL, Manakongtreecheep K, Margolin JD, McKaig BN, Parry BA, Rojas-Lopez M, Russo BC , Sharma Nihaarika, Tantivit J, Thomas MF, Regan J, Flynn JP, Villani A-C, Hacohen N, Goldber MB, Filbin MR, Li J. (2021) SARS-CoV-2 viremia is associated with distinct proteomic pathways and predicts COVID-19 outcomes The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 131 (13): e148635. 


Filbin MR, Mehta A, Schneider AM, Kays KR, Guess JR, Gentili M, Fenyves BG, Charland NC, Gonye ALK, Gushterova I, Khanna HK, LaSalle TJ, Lavin-Parsons KM, Lilley BM, Lodenstein CL, Manakongtreecheep K, Margolin JD, McKaig BN, Rojas-Lopez M, Russo BC Sharma N, Tantivit J, Thomas MF, Gerszten RE, Heimberg GS, Hoover PJ, Lieb DJ, Lin B, Ngo D, Pelka K, Reyes M, Smillie CS, Waghray A, Wood TE, Zajac AS, Jennings LL, Grundberg I, Bhattacharyya RP, Parry BA, Villani A-C, Sade-Feldman M, Hacohen N, Goldberg MB. (2021) Longitudinal proteomic analysis of severe COVID-19 reveals survival-associated signatures, tissue-specific cell death, and cell-cell interactions. Cell Reports Medicine. 2: 100287. 


Shrock E, FujimuraE, Kula T, Timms RT, Lee I-H, Leng Y, Robinson ML, Sie BM, Li MZ, Chen Y, Logue J, Zuiani A, McCulloch D, Lelis FJN, Henson S, Monaco DR, Travers M, Habibi S, Clarke WA, Caturegli P, Laeyendecker O, Piechocka-Trocha A, Li J, Khatri A, Chu HY, MGH COVID-19 Collection and Processing Team *, Villani A-C, Kays K, Goldberg MB, Hacohen N, Filbin MR, Yu XG, Walker BD, Wesemann DR, Larman HB, Lederer JA, Elledge SJ. (2020) Viral epitope profiling of COVID-19 patients reveals cross-reactivity and correlates of severity.  Science. 370: eabd4250

*member of the MGH COVID-19 Collection and Processing Team


Duncan-Lowey JK, Wiscovitch AL, Goldberg MB*, Russo BC*. (2020) Shigella flexneri disruption of cellular tension promotes intercellular spreadCell Reports. 33: 108409. PMCID: PMC7792532.

*co-corresponding authors

Uploaded to BioRxiv: doi:


*Russo BC, Duncan JK, Wiscovitch AL, Hachey AC, Goldberg MB. (2019) Activation of Shigella flexneri type 3 secretion requires a host-induced conformational change to the translocon porePLOS Pathogens, 15 (11): e1007928. PMCID

* Uploaded to BioRxiv:


*Russo BC, Duncan JK, Goldberg MB. (2019) Topological analysis of the type 3 secretion system translocon pore protein IpaC following its native delivery to the plasma membrane during infectionmBio  10: e00877-19. PMCID: PMC6538787.

*Editor’s Pick


Nau GJ, Horzempa J, O’Dee D, Brown MJ, Russo BC, Hernandez A, Dillion ST, Cheng J, Kane LP, Sanker S, Hukriede NA. (2019) A predicted Francisella tularensis DXD-motif glycosyltransferase blocks immune activationVirulence 10:1, 643-656. PMID: 31314675.


Russo BC, Stamm LM, Rabeen M, Kim C, Kahoud KM, Robinson LR, Bose S, Quieroz AL, Herrera BB, Baxt LA, Mor-Vaknan N, Fu Y, Molina G, Markovitz D, Whelan SP, Goldberg MB. (2016) Intermediate filaments enable pathogen docking to trigger type 3 effector translocationNature Microbiology. Article number: 16025. PMCID: PMC5006386.



Garza-Mayers AC, Miller KA, Russo BC, Nagda DV, Goldberg MB (2015)  Shigella flexneri regulation of ARF6 activation during bacterial entry via an IpgD-mediated positive feedback loopmBio. 6(2): e02584-14. PMCID: PMC4358011.



Yi C, Allen JE, Russo BC, Lee SY, Heindl JE, Baxt LA, Herrera BB, Kahoud E, MacBeath G, Goldberg MB (2014) Systemic analysis of bacterial effector-postsynaptic density 95/disc large/zonula occludens-1 (PDZ) domain interactions demonstrates Shigella OspE protein promotes protein kinase C activation via PDLIM proteins.  Journal of Biological Chemistry. 289:30101-30113. PMCID: PMC4208017.


Brown MJ, Russo BC,  O’Dee DM, Schmitt DM, Nau GJ (2014) The contribution of the glycine cleavage system to the pathogenesis of Francisella tularensis . Microbes and Infection. 16 (4): 300-309. PMCID: PMC4089098.



*Russo BC, Brown MJ, Nau GJ (2013) MyD88-dependent signaling prolongs survival and reduces bacterial burden during pulmonary infection with virulent Francisella tularensis. American Journal of Pathology. 183 (4): 1223-1232. PMCID: PMC3791678.

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Schmitt DM, O’Dee DM, Brown MJ, Horzempa J, Russo BC , Nau GJ (2012) Role of NK cells in host defense against pulmonary type A Francisella tularensis infection. Microbes and Infection. 15(3): 201-211. PMCID: PMC4089191.


Schmitt DM, O’Dee DM, Horzempa J, Carlson PE, Russo BC,  Bales J, Brown MJ, Nau GJ (2012) Francisella tularensis live vaccine strain that improves stimulation of antigen presenting cells does not enhance vaccine efficacy Plos One. 7(2): e31172. PMCID: PMC3280287.



Russo BC, Horzempa J, O’Dee DM, Schmitt DM, Brown MJ, Carlson PE, Xavier RJ, Nau GJ (2011) Francisella tularensis locus required for spermine responsiveness is necessary for virulenceInfection and Immunity. 79:3665-3676. PMCID: PMC3165480.



Horzempa J, Shanks RM, Brown MJ, Russo BC, O’Dee DM, Nau GJ (2010) Utilization of an unstable plasmid and the I-Sce1 endonuclease to generate routine markerless deletion mutants in Francisella tularensis. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 80:106-108. PMCID: PMC3034693.

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