HARP-BIO Faculty Mentors & Instructors

Faculty members from the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine and the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Sciences will be available to mentors.

Name of Mentor Faculty TitleResearch Interest
Abman, Steven MDProfessorAcute respiratory distress, pulmonary hypertension, and neonatal lung diseases
Albers, David, PhDAssociate ProfessorData assimilation of clinician and patient collected data to forecast physiology and compute new phenotypes, health care process modeling and analysis, mechanistic physiologic models using clinical data, visualizing patient health evolution in an intensive care setting, deconvolving present in clinical data, with a special focus on impact of gender.
Bennett, Tell, MDAssociate ProfessorCritical care decision making, high-dimensional prediction modeling, electronic health records data, and clinical decision support tool implementation
Bowler, Russell P., MD, PhD Professor Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
DeCamp, Matthew, MD, PhD*Associate ProfessorBioethics, research ethics and bias in artificial intelligence
Downey, Gregory, MD Professor

Innate immunity, lung injury, and inflammation

Dwork, Nicholas, PhDAssistant ProfessorApplication of mathematical optimization algorithms to medical image reconstruction, image quantitation, radiation treatment planning, and inexpensive medical devices. Instructor in machine learning and artificial health intelligence, including sources of bias.
Flores, Sonia C., PhD*Professor HIV viral protein-pulmonary endothelial cell interactions and viral disease pathogenesis
Gignoux, Christopher, Ph.D. Associate Professor The interface of statistical and population genetics to improve our understanding of complex traits
Holguin, Fernando, MDProfessor

Metabolomics approaches for asthma studies

Hunter, Lawrence, PhDProfessor Developing computational tools and methods to solve problems from AI and machine learning
Johnson, Randi, PhD*Assistant ProfessorLeveraging high-dimensional -omics data (metabolomics, genetics, DNA methylation, gene expression) to elucidate factors contributing to immune and autoimmune disease development and progression
Julian, Colleen, PhD*Associate ProfessorVascular disorders of pregnancy, developmental programming of pulmonary hypertension
Krishnan, Arjun, PhDAssociate ProfessorDevelop computational tools to enable biomedical researches to effectively reuse massive collections of publicly-available data — e.g., omics, knowledgebases, unstructured text, genetic associations — to gain nuanced insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying heterogeneous traits and disease. Instructor in machine learning and health artificial intelligence, including sources of bias.
Kudron, Elizabeth, MD, MPH, FAAPAssistant ProfessorAs a member of the Clinical Operations team for the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, she has built systems that integrate personalized medicine into the clinical setting. She has developed extensive curriculum for clinician education and also serves as program co-director with Dr. Yang for the graduate Certificate in Personalized and Genomic Medicine
Lange, Ethan, PhD*ProfessorIdentification of genetic and genomic risk factors for complex disease in under-studied populations
Lange, Leslie, PhD* Professor Genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics and classical biostatistics
Munoz-Torres, Monica, PhDAssociate Professor Her expertise spans genomics, biocuration, knowledge representation, and data harmonization - and the development of software tools to advance these fields. Dr. Munoz-Torres has a particular focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in her research program
Norman, Paul, PhDAssociate Professor His group has developed computational methods to study autoimmune and neurological disease, preeclampsia and leukemia and population genetics
Nozik, Eva, MDProfessor T0-T1, oxidative stress, multiomics approaches to study pulmonary vascular disease
Schwartz, David A., MD Professor and Chair of Medicine Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis ; Effects of microbiome on the innate immune system
Sharma, Sunita, MD Associate Professor Understanding asthma susceptibility and disease severity using gene expression and epigenetics
Stanislawski, Maggie, PhDAssistant ProfessorHer current research falls under two overarching themes: 1) understanding how the relationship between omic profiles and cardiometabolic disease varies across diverse populations, particularly the contribution of demographic and environmental factors, and 2) evaluating omic profiles, singularly and in conjunction, in the context of interventions
Strong, Michael, PhDAssociate ProfessorWhole genome sequencing, targeted gene sequencing, transcriptome profiling, protein modeling, and network analysis
Sucharov, Carmen, PhDProfessorMolecular mechanisms of pediatric heart failure
Taylor, Matt, MD, PhD Professor Hereditary cardiomyopathies, Rare Genetic Diseases, Gene Therapies, Whole Genome Sequencing, Cardiac Transcriptomics
Thessen, Anne, PhDAssociate ProfessorHer group focuses on semantic technology to link information about the genome, phenome, and exposome
Torres, Raul M., PhD Professor Inflammation regulation of adaptive immunity by T and B lymphocytes  
Van Dyk, Linda, PhDProfessor Viral pneumonia and immune mechanisms of protection
Vladar, Eszter, PhDAssistant Professor

How multiciliated cells in the lung adopt their cell fate, build cilia, and orient the cilia for directional mobility during normal development, regeneration, and in human disease

Way, Gregory, PhDAssistant ProfessorDeveloping cell morphology as a high-dimensional indicator of cell state through the re-analysis of large microscopy imaging datasets, and discovering disease vulnerabilities through the re-analysis of large microscopy imaging datasets, and discovering disease vulnerabilities through high-throughput measurements of CRISPR and drug perturbations on biologically relevant cell models
Weiser-Evans, Mary, PhDProfessorDefining the molecular signaling mechanisms regulating SMC and vascular stem cell function in the setting of vascular fibroproliferative diseases
Yang, Ivana, PhD*ProfessorUsing multiomic profiles and functional genomics to study pathogenesis of lung disease
* Indicates Faculty who serve as both potential mentor and instructor. 


Pride Instructors SI: 1 and 2 

Name of InstructorFaculty Title 
 Brooks, Ian PhDAssociate Professor Electronic Health Records Data 
 Katrina Claw, PhDAssociate Professor Ethical Implications of Genetic Research 
 Dwork, Nicholas, PhDAssistant Professor  Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning
 Hendricks, Audrey, PhDAssociate ProfessorBiostatistics
 Kemp, Jennifer, PhDAssociate Professor Grant Writing 
 Konigsberg, Lain, PhDResearch Instructor DNA methylation preprocessing/differential testing
 Krishnan, Arjun, PhDAssociate Professor Health Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
Mandt, Bruce, PhDAssistant Dean, Graduate School Career Development and Mentorship
Phang, Tzu, PhDAssociate ProfessorHands on exploration of transcriptome data
Reisdorph, Nichole, PhDAssociate ProfessorMetabolome and Proteome
Reisdorph, Richard, PhDAssociate ProfessorHands on Exploration of metabolome data
Sticca, EvanPhD StudentMandelian disease and cancer genome NGS analysis



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