Our Team

Endocrinology and Primary Care

Sean Iwamoto, MD


Dr. Iwamoto is an endocrinologist who provides gender-affirming hormone therapy and has additional interests in aging, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Rita Lee, MD


Dr. Lee is a general internist who provides comprehensive primary care for adults, including genderaffirming hormone therapy.

Micol Rothman, MD


Dr. Rothman is an endocrinologist who provides gender-affirming hormone therapy and has additional interests in metabolic bone disease and the role of sex steroids.

Tyler Strickland, MPH, PA-C

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Tyler is an endocrinology PA who provides gender-affirming hormone therapy and has an interest in LGBTQ health.

Ear, Nose and Throat

Matthew Clary, MD


Dr. Clary is a laryngologist who specializes in voice, airway and swallowing disorders. He performs voice surgery for genderaffirming and laryngeal shave procedures.

Marie Jetté, PhD


Dr. Jetté is a speech-language pathologist with a special interest in providing gender-affirming voice and communication training.

Andrew Winkler, MD


Dr. Winkler is an otolaryngologist who performs cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery of the face and neck. 

Juliana Litts, CCC-SLP,


Juliana is a speech-language pathologist and certified vocologist who specializes in voice therapy and has a special interest in providing gender-affirming voice services. 

Plastic Surgery

Justin Cohen, MD

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Dr. Cohen is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in aesthetic chest wall surgery for gender affirmation. 

Christodoulos Kaoutzanis, MD

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Dr. Kaoutzanis is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who provides care for patients seeking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He offers gender-affirming care for transgender individuals, and performs the whole spectrum of feminizing and masculinizing procedures.

Ashley Jacob, PA-C

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Ashley is a PA who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery and offers gender-affirming care throughout the surgical process.

David Mathes, MD

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Dr. Mathes is a plastic surgeon and the Division Chief for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery who specializes in top surgery for gender affirmation.

Infectious Disease

Urologic Surgery

Katherine Frasca, MD

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Dr. Frasca is an infectious disease specialist whose clinical focus includes pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), STI testing and treatment, and sexual health.

Ty Higuchi, MD, PhD

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Dr. Higuchi offers urologic care for transgender patients and gender-affirming care. In addition, he performs gender-affirming surgery in conjunction with Dr Kaoutzanis.

Paul Maroni, MD

Maroni copy

Dr. Maroni is a urologic surgeon who specializes in male genital surgery.

Mental Health

Debbie Carter, MD

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Dr. Carter is a psychiatrist who specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry and cross-culture psychiatry.

Robert Davies, MD

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Dr. Davies is a psychiatrist who specializes in working with adults on LGBTQ-related issues. He is a founder of the Imagine Clinic, UCHealth’s LGBTQ mental health clinic.

Christina New, PhD

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Dr. New is a clinical psychologist who specializes in LGBTQ health care and provides a range of behavioral health services including diagnostic evaluations and short-term psychotherapy with a special interest in supporting health-related behavior change. 

Gynecologic Care and Surgery

Spiritual Care

Veronica Alaniz, MD, MPH

Alaniz copy

Dr. Alaniz is a gynecologist who works with adolescents and adults. Her clinical interests include gynecological care for transgender patients and differences of sex development (intersex).

Jill Liss, MD

Liss copy

Dr. Liss provides comprehensive gynecological care with an interest in gynecologic and gender-affirming surgery for adults.

Reverend Sarah Mather, BCC

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Rev. Sarah Mather is a board-certified hospital chaplain who
provides spiritual and religious support to LGBTQ patients and families.


Program Coordinator

Carla Torres-Zegarra, MD

Torres-Zegarra copy

Dr. Torres-Zegarra is a dermatologist who specializes in general, pediatric and cosmetic dermatology and laser hair removal.

Kelly Moran, NP

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Kelly is a nurse practitioner who provides comprehensive dermatologic care for adults. She works with transgender patients and performs surgical site electrolysis in preparation for gender-affirming surgeries. 

Keily Fisher

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For questions or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to Keily at 720.848.2650 or UCHITP@uchealth.org.

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