• Prior to shipment, send all shipping/tracking documents, including delivery/pick-up times and contact info to
  • Transport/dispatch must contact CSI (303-724-8988) 1-2 hours prior to facility arrival.
  • Due to limited storage space, no crates or shipping containers can remain on-site.
  • A representative from your company is required to be on-site for receiving/loading of large industry equipment. Please note: Bioscience Building 3 has no dedicated dock/receiving personnel.


  • CSI Receiving Doors: Deliveries can be accepted via double doors directly into CSI’s Storage Room. Please note: this is ground level and will require a lift gate and pallet jack, if applicable. (The doors are halfway down the building on the West Side. Ring the doorbell when you arrive.)
  • FedEx/UPS Pickups: prescheduled through the building, Monday – Friday.

Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI)

CU Anschutz

Bioscience 3 Building

2115 N. Scranton Street

Suite 1035

Aurora, CO 80045

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