CFReT Faculty

James Roede

James Roede PhD

Associate Professor
  • Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences


Primary Phone:303-724-1348

Mailing Address:
  • CU Anschutz

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building

12850 East Montview Boulevard

Aurora, CO 80045

Recent Publications

Associate Director, Toxicology Graduate Program

Office Location:

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (V20)
Second Floor Room 2123

Research Interests:

  • Thiol redox dysregulation in mechanisms of toxicity
  • Proteostasis and neurodegeneration
  • Environmental causes of neurodegeneration, e.g. maneb exposure
  • Metabolic consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction

Representative publications:

Anderson C.C., Aivazidis S., Kuzyk C.L., Jain A., and Roede J.R. Acute maneb exposure disrupts both glycolysis and mitochondrial function in SK-N-AS human neuroblastoma cells. Toxicol Sci. 165(1): 61-73 2018 PMID: 29767788

Maclean K.N., Jiang H., Aivazidis S., Kim E., Shearn C.T., Harris P.S., Petersen D.R., Allen R.H., Stabler S.P., and Roede J.R. Taurine treatment prevents derangement of the hepatic gamma-glutamyl and methylglyoxal metabolism in a mouse model of classical homocystinuria: Regulatory cross-talk between thiol and sulfinic acid metabolism. FASEB J. 32(3): 1265-1280 2018 PMID: 29101223

Aivazidis S, Coughlan C.M., Rauniyar A.K., Jiang H., Liggett L.A., Maclean K.N. and Roede J.R. The burden of trisomy 21 disrupts the proteostasis network in Down syndrome. PLoS ONE. 12(4): e0176307 2017 PMID: 28430800

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