How Can to Connection to Health Help my Heath System or Practice?

CTH has been successfully integrated into 47 primary care practices in Colorado and northern California, demonstrating its acceptability for practices and patients. And, as has been described, patients who complete a CTH patients survey and action plan had significant improvements in their diabetes outcomes. Other benefits of CTH include:

  • Easy to use for patients – results from both studies show acceptability and ease-of-use. The patients survey, action plan, and patient tips are all available in Spanish. The patient survey is narrated in English and Spanish for those patients with low health literacy.
  • Helps facilitate goal setting and action planning – the patient survey results allow the patient to prioritize health goals to talk with their healthcare team, which leads to efficient and effective goal setting and action planning.
  • Can structure and facilitate telehealth diabetes visits – since CTH is web-based, it can be used to structure and facilitate telehealth visits with your patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions.
  • Can help with value-based payments – most VBP programs pay practices more for improvements in diabetes outcomes and use of CTH has been shown to improve hemoglobin A1c.

Licensing agreements are available for your health system or practice so that you can offer this valuable resource for your patients. Please email for more information.

Quotes and Testimonials from Practice Staff and Providers using Connection to Health:

“Patients could see that, yeah, the difference.  They liked when they were doing really well with their diabetes.  That was really positive.  Other patients, it helped them see where they were struggling so that was a positive thing, like hey, you know, you really need to work on these things.  So that was really good feedback for the patient.”

“I have a very good thing that I would like to highlight about the program that you have, because for example, the patient, after finishing the survey and we work on the action plans, they were more mindful about the changes and they were more aware of the possible barriers.  And I loved the part where you compare what the benefit you get and then what obstacles.”

“Well, from my view, I think Connection to Health was a wonderful kind of program, another educational tool for patients and I think they –quite a few patients actually recognize that there are additional things that we’re trying to do.  We’re always trying to improve. We’re always trying to support them in their, you know –when they set goals and trying to reach those goals and supporting them in that way and I just felt like that was a really wonderful way to show that we were doing that and we continued to try to do that.”

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