Letter from Director John E. Repine, MD

John Repine, MDLetter from the Director of the Webb-Waring Center—John E. Repine, MD Waring Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery at the University of Colorado

I am pleased to introduce the Webb-Waring Center.

Founded in 1924, the Webb-Waring Center which is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado is named after Gerald B. Webb, MD and James J. Waring, MD.  Dr. Webb was a famous immunologist who first coined the word “immunology”. He practiced medicine for many years in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Waring was a pulmonary medicine and tuberculosis specialist and the first Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  

Webb-Waring Center research is focused now on fundamental investigations of the causes and consequences of inflammation, immunologic, antioxidant deficiency and oxidative stress abnormalities that impact health and disease. This unifying theme pulls together and synergizes all of our research and educational endeavors. 

Our focus on inflammation, immunologic, antioxidant deficiency, and oxidative stress mechanisms is purposeful and broad reaching. Abnormalities in these common processes are common causes and contributors to nearly every disease and aging. These disorders occur and create health problems when normal defense mechanisms are overwhelmed by disease, drugs, and aging. 

Our research is also by design “translational” meaning that we seek to make discoveries with compelling potential for improving health and combatting disease.  Much of our work derives from the “bedside to bench to bedside” concept that drives and guides biomedical research.  Simply stated, problems with illnesses presented by patients at the beside are taken into the laboratory for investigation and then the solutions from laboratory research are returned to solve patient problems at the bedside.

The Webb-Waring Center also makes considerable effort to introduce, inspire, and train students of all ages in research.  Students often begin their research training in Webb-Waring laboratories and teaching programs. These programs have propelled a number of students into research careers in medicine and industry nationwide.  In particular, our Colorado Undergraduate Summer Program (“CUSP”) has gained national prominence attracting many highly talented diversity and non-diversity students from prestigious schools nationwide. The Colorado Undergraduate Research in Environmental Health Sciences (“CUREHS”)—an aligned and shared School of Pharmacy Program trains Colorado diversity students in research. Our center is also the home of the Department of Medicine Research and Equity in Academic Medicine (“DREAM”) Program that provides a research opportunities for first year University of Colorado diversity medical students.

Our Center continues to be funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, many prestigious foundations, and a loyal group of individual donors. 

You should read more about our research and education programs herein. 

If you have any questions or any interest in our work, please contact us at 303-724-4783 or john.repine@ucdenver.edu.

Thank you for your continued interest and meaningful support of our research and education programs. 

John  E. Repine, MD, Waring Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Surgery, Webb-Waring Center Director, Webb-Waring Center at the University of Colorado Denver, Box C322, 12800 East 19th Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80045-9806

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