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Hand Surgery

Our experts in Plastic and Reconstructive Hand Surgery utilize evidence based medicine and advanced techniques to help you recover from your injury so you can get back to living your life.

Our physicians are Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons with advanced training in all components of hand and extremity surgery. Whether you have experienced a recent trauma, or suffer from chronic injuries and arthritic pain, we are here to help! Some of the most common ailments we treat are fractures, tendon or nerve injuries, soft tissue lacerations and deep wounds, repetitive trauma and arthritic conditions of the hand and wrist.

Our primary Hand Clinic is located in Aurora, Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the Outpatient Pavilion. We also have convenient locations across the Denver metro including in Stapleton, Cherry Creek and Lonetree.

All of our clinics have on-site x-ray capabilities and are staffed with an outstanding group specialized nurses, athletic trainers, medical assistants and Certified Hand Therapists to help answer all questions and provide you with specialized care for your hand and wrist.

Patient Care

Colorado abounds with numerous activities and sports to enjoy, and injuries such as fractures, sprains, repetitive injury or pain from arthritis can put you on the sidelines.

Our goal is to treat each patient as efficiently and thoroughly as possible to minimize pain and downtime and get you back to enjoying the activities you love. Treatment can include simple splinting and casting to surgical recommendations and occupational therapy to get you back into top form. You can be sure your provider will work as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure you are receiving the best care possible.

Wide Awake Hand Surgery

For patients who want an alternative option to having to go to sleep during their minor procedures, the Wide Awake Procedure Clinic is a great option. Although not all procedures are appropriate to be performed in this fashion, many common conditions can be treated with the patient wide awake using only local anesthesia. The benefit of this type of surgery is that your inpatient stay is quick due to no sedation and no IV’s and that you do not need to stop eating, undergo expensive or invasive laboratory testing or find a driver for the day or your procedure.

Some of the procedures commonly done in the Wide Awake clinic are: carpal tunnel releases, trigger finger releases, removal of cysts and skin lesions, minor tendon or nailbed repairs, fixation of some types of fractures as well as simple hardware removals.

Trauma, Nerve Surgery and TMR (Targeted Muscle Reinnervation)

If you have suffered from significant trauma, cancer or another debilitating condition that has led to significant loss of function, as well as ongoing or chronic pain our team is eager to help. Our surgeons are recognized leaders in the effort to research, publish and educate surgeons around the world on the latest techniques in the field of limb preservation and nerve surgery.

This includes nerve microsurgery to repair lacerations, as well as offer solutions for chronic pain or loss of function following a brachial plexus injury or amputation. Our team will evaluate your specific condition and work with you to make a plan in an effort to restore independent function, increase mobility and decrease pain.

Hand Surgery 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Distal Radius Fractures 

Dupuytren’s Contracture 

Hand Injuries 

Hand Surgery 

Limb Preservation 

Trigger Finger 

Wrist and Elbow Arthroscopy 

Wrist Reconstruction


Wide Awake Surgery

Carpal Tunnel release 

Trigger Finger release 

Mass excision 

Dupuytren contracture release 

Ligament repair 


We are part of a multidisciplinary team affiliated with the UCHealth Hand Clinic. 

UCHealth Hand Clinic - Anschutz Medical Campus

Address: 1635 Aurora Court Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion, 4th floor Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: 720-848-0485

UCHealth CU Sports Medicine - Colorado Center (Wide Awake Surgery)

Address: 2000 S. Colorado Boulevard The Colorado Center Tower One, Suite 4500 Denver, CO 80222
Phone: 720-902-9815

Children’s Hospital Colorado – Pediatric Hand Surgery

Address: 13123 E. 16th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: 720-777-6600


CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue

Room: 6111

Aurora, CO 80045


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