How to Apply

Before beginning your application, please have the following information ready and completed:

  1. Copy of your Resume or CV.

  2. Copies of the official or unofficial transcripts from all universities/colleges attended. The graduation date must be included. 

  3. Names and contact information for a minimum of two and a maximum of four faculty members who have agreed to write and submit a professional reference on your behalf by the application deadline.
    • Note: Your letters of recommendation should be professional references from your college/university faculty members who know you personally and who can attest to your future career plans and goals. Examples include science course professors and instructors, professional counselors, and major advisors.

  4. You will be asked on the application to identify your top three research areas you are interested in for your B2MR research experience. Please review the information in the “Research Areas and Program Mentors” tab on the B2MR website and have your top three identified for both before beginning your application.

  5. Write a one-page personal statement (single-spaced, with 0.5-inch margins, in 11-12 pt. font). 
    Use your personal statement to help the
    B2MR admissions committee to get to know you, understand your reasons for wanting to attendB2MR at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and learn about your professional goals. Please be sure to describe:
    • Why you have chosen to apply to B2MR,
    • What you hope to gain from participation in the program on a personal and professional level,
    • Any life experiences, including personal challenges, that have impacted you and your decision to pursue a career in medicine and biomedical research, and
    • Yourself, your sense of identity, and how this will contribute to the diversity of B2MR, CU Anschutz, and ultimately the field of biomedical research.

  6. Write a one-page research statement (single-spaced, with 0.5-inch margins, in 11-12 pt. font). Use your research statement to summarize your past research experiences and research-related classroom experiences if you have not had a formal research experience. In addition, please include a description of:
    • Your interest in and passion for medicine and biomedical research,
    • Specific research fields or topics of study you find most interesting and why,
    • How you have contributed to or solved a challenging problem or research question (if applicable),
    • What you have learned about yourself through your past research experiences or research related classroom experiences, and
    • Your professional goals, how an MD and scientific research fits with these goals, and where you envision your career to be in 5 to 10 years.

Once you begin your application you will have the option to save your work, resume at a later time, and review your application before submitting it.  

To begin your application to B2MR, click the Apply Now button below.

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