The Thomas L. Petty Aspen Lung Conference

The Gant Conference Center Aspen, Colorado


The intensive 2-week program will integrate comprehensive formal instruction on:

  • Proteomics, bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics with an emphasis on interpretations based on ancestry and/or gender
  • Career development tools including grant writing with a focus on drafting a specific aims page, how to negotiate, how to mentor/be mentored and other tools
  • An additional level of engagement distinct from the mentor-mentee relationship.  Culturally competent coaches will help scholars navigate the intricacies of academia, using group activities and social science approaches such as communities of practice and cultural capital.
  • Introduce best practices in mentoring and training in cultural competence and implicit biases to mentors so they understand the challenges scientists from under-represented populations face. 


AGOLD Training Timeline

  • 2 consecutive summer academies in CO
    1. Academy 1 runs from August 15-25, 2022
    2. Academy 2 runs from August 21-26, 2022
  • Mid-year meeting in Aspen, CO at the annual Aspen Lung Conference
  • Annual meeting in Washington, DC
  • All expenses paid
  • Pilot money to generate preliminary data


This is a program supported by NHLBI and hosted on campus but not a University program.