Other specimen processing options including cluturing, send-outs, and freezing. See information on billing below.


Colorado Genetics Laboratory can cryopreserve samples for possible future studies. Samples are typically held for two years but can be held longer at the provider’s request. Additional fees may be applied for additional time.

If testing on cryopreserved cells is desired, CGL will thaw and regrow the cells. Cultured cells will then be tested or sent to the desired reference lab for biochemical or molecular testing. See information under the Send-out Testing tab for details.


Prenatal sample CPT Codes

Cultures/Freeze: 88235, 88240

Thaw/Regrow: 88235, 88241, 88240


Tissue (pregnancy loss, autopsy, etc.) sample CPT codes

Culture/Freeze: 88233, 88240

Thaw/Regrow: 88233, 88241, 88240

The Colorado Genetics Laboratory can coordinate send-out testing to other laboratories for additional molecular or biochemical studies upon request. Additional paperwork may be required including documentation of previously identified familial mutations and requisition forms for the reference laboratory.  Please contact the lab when tissue culture for molecular or biochemical testing is needed BEFORE the sample is obtained to help coordinate this testing.

If a sample is not of adequate quantity for all testing orders and send out, CGL will contact the ordering provider for a priority of testing. If desired, CGL will culture cells prior to send out and maintain a portion of the cell culture for one week after send-out. Longer-term storage is available with cryopreservation.


Complete this form when ordering send-out testing: Test Send-Out Form


CPT Codes for Send-Out

Direct Send-out only: 99001

Culture and send-out: 99001, and 88235 (prenatal samples) or 88233 (tissue samples)


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