About Us

The Wellness Committee was created to help people in our Department face well-being challenges and to promote living well, with the common goal of professional fulfillment. In a rapidly changing environment, expectations are changing and resilience needs to be encouraged and supported. We aim at optimizing the way Neurology members feel valued by the organization and they value what they do. First, we want to make sure we offer an opportunity for the individuals or groups in the department to discuss wellbeing concerns in an as confidential, transparent and integrated manner as possible. We also work on improving access to resources, create opportunities to share kindness, joy and success. We encourage cultural diversity and competency, to make us stronger.

For the safety of each individual and the collective well-being, it is critical that we ensure our colleagues in Neurology can access mental health resources and do that timely. As a group, we support the removal of any logistical constraints that inhibit someone to seek and access mental health care services. Attention to acute moral distress and emotional health is like needing emergent time off for sudden issues as family crisis or physical health threats. Taking sick days or sick leave for such ailments should be treated the same.

We encourage contacting member of the committee with any questions or concerns so that we can better serve our department!


Neurology Department Wellness Committee
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