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You can participate in one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of Down syndrome in the world at the 2024 National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention!


The Human Trisome Project (HTP) aims to significantly increase the speed of Down syndrome research and the understanding of associated medical conditions, such as leukemia and Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you’ve already participated or not, we want to see you at our booth.

If you are a person with Down syndrome or one of their siblings between 6 months and 89 years old, you can participate.

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Designed to be the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind, The Human Trisome Project (HTP) will help us understand why individuals with Down syndrome (caused by trisomy of chromosome 21) are protected from some medical conditions, such as cancer, while highly predisposed to others, such as Alzheimer's disease and autoimmune disorders.

Sign up early to make sure you get a Crnic Institute HTP appointment that works for you!


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