The COVIDome Project

A collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to accelerate translational research in COVID-19.

COVIDome Explorer

Latest COVIDome team publication details the innovative data portal for COVID-19 data analysis, visualization and sharing.

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Stages of COVID-19

COVIDome scientists publish findings linking antibody production to COVID-19 progression and new treatment options.

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Our Mission.

Decipher the underpinnings of COVID-19 pathology to enable better medical care.

This highly collaborative effort aims to generate multidimensional datasets from biospecimens from COVID-19 patients and controls, which will be integrated with matching clinical data. Following open science principles, the COVIDome datasets will be made accessible to the community through an online research portal, the COVIDome Explorer, as a global resource for data mining and hypothesis generation. Our mission is to enable the development of better prevention, diagnostic, and therapeutic tools for the clinical management of COVID-19.

What is the COVIDome?

An "ome" refers to a large, comprehensive, biological dataset. For example, a proteome is a comprehensive look at all of an organism’s proteins. The COVIDome refers to multiple layers of these types of comprehensive biological datasets from numerous people with and without COVID-19. Plans for the COVIDome currently include: transcriptome, proteome, cytokine profile, metabolome, immune map, and clinical and medical record data.



Who we are.

Diverse expertise and collaboration across the University of Colorado.

Created in partnership between the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the School of Medicine.

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