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Whitney Herter, PA-C

As research for the treatment of colorectal cancer develops, fewer patients are being treated with single-modality therapy. Instead, most patients are being treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. This often makes navigating the healthcare system difficult and overwhelming. In a traditional medical environment, patients are often seen by different specialists over the course of several weeks. The Colorectal Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic is designed so that patients are seen by our team of specialists over one day with the goal of having a treatment plan by the end of the visit.

In order to make this process easier for you, I am your point person from the start. This means from your initial phone call throughout your entire visit, I am by your side. As a certified Physician Assistant, I have the medical knowledge to effectively guide your treatment and get you seen quickly by our multidisciplinary team of experts. This multidisciplinary approach to care provides patients with the most up-to-date and evidence-based treatment to provide the best care for the highest chance of success and cure of disease.