Donors Making a Lasting Difference

Our donors are recognizing the excellence of the University of Colorado School of Medicine by choosing to support it in their own personally meaningful way. In so doing, they are also inspiring others to craft enduring legacies of their own. Most importantly, their current and planned gifts are vital in ensuring that CU will continue to be distinguished as one of the nation's leading universities for medical research and patient care.

John Schultz

“We felt frankly that we owed Cynthia’s life to Dr. Stiegmann and his group who worked so valiantly and who helped us so much. We asked what we could do for the University. My journey with the University and the CU Medical School goes back to 1930, when I was born at the University Hospital. So 81 years ago, I came into your lives, and I’m still here, and we are so very grateful.”

Lafayette, CO

Martha Dillenberg

“The expertise of the cardiology team at the Anschutz Medical Campus is legendary, and Dr. Buttrick’s personal care made all the difference. We decided this kind of quality and caring needs funding.”

Santa Fe, NM

Gary Kring

“I’m not only a donor, I’m also a patient. The University of Colorado stands out as a leader in so many ways. We support the Anschutz Medical Campus so that health and wellness remain high priorities and great medical care will continue for those in need.”

President, The Schramm Foundation

Dick Monfort

“I joined the University Hospital’s board fifteen years ago and quickly decided this was the place to go. CU doctors did successful surgery on my mother’s back after others told her it couldn’t be done. When a tumor was found on my thyroid, the experts were there. CU simply provides the best medical care in Colorado and perhaps anywhere.”

Colorado Rockies Owner and CEO

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