Program Timeline

URO-1 Year (PGY-1)

During the URO-1 year, Urology interns will participate in six months of core surgical and sub-specialty surgical rotations designed to foster competence in basic surgical skills, the peri-operative care of surgical patients, and inter-disciplinary patient care coordination (i.e. General Surgery, Critical Care, Plastics and Trauma). The remaining six months of the URO-1 year will be spent on Urology rotations.

URO-2 to URO-5 Years

Clinical Rotations

Training for the URO-2 through URO-5 Urology residents is dedicated to surgical, clinical and didactic urology. Residents are encouraged to progress with appropriate supervision gaining graded authority and responsibility based on specific criteria that is guided by the Urology milestones.

Research Rotation

Each resident will participate in four-months of a research rotation. The research rotation is structured to provide the urology resident with the tools and resources to learn investigative urology. At the end of the rotation, the resident is expected to have accumulated enough data to present an abstract at a major scientific meeting and/or result in at least one publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

During the research rotation, the resident will participate in at least two and one-half days of clinical activities at the University of Colorado Hospital.


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