Wide Awake Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery ConsultationFor patients requiring hand surgery, the Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) Technique offers many advantages. Operating under local anesthesia means that the patient will not need extra laboratory or x-ray tests, will not need to see their primary doctor, will be able to eat and drink before surgery, and likely will not need an IV catheter. This makes Wide Awake Hand Surgery far more cost-effective and convenient for the patient.

The Wide Awake Hand Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital is the first of its kind to open in the Mountain West region. We offer expertise in treating the following problems with the wide awake technique:

  • Carpal Tunnel release
  • Trigger Finger release
  • Mass excision
  • Dupuytren contracture release
  • Ligament Repair

We aim to provide high quality, patient centered care to restore form and function of the hands.

Patient Advantages

  • Lower cost
  • No pre-op labs
  • Patient safety: no need to stop diet or medications
  • Improved patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes
  • Quality: intra-op assessment of tension of tendon repairs and transfers; adequacy of release
  • Increased compliance when patients can watch aspects of the operation


Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kia Washington, Director of the Wide Awake Hand Surgery Program

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