From 1977 through 2013, 36 fellows completed the three-year training program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 19 of these fellows initially took academic positions. The remaining fifteen are practicing from Idaho to Florida.  All of our fellows who have taken both parts of the American Board of Thoracic Surgery exam have become board certified. 

With the teaching system instituted by Dr. Fullerton, fellows are able to spend more of their fellowship in the area they intend to practice while still obtaining the required index case required by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery. All areas of cardiothoracic surgery are experienced in our fellowship program. Adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, general thoracic and transplant are well covered in the three-year program.

Our well rounded program has enabled fellows to be independent operators either in private practice or academia once their training has been completed.

Stan Carson, MD - 1977
Private Practice, Denver, CO

David Campbell, MD - 1979 
Professor, Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Aurora, CO

Richard Phillips, MD - 1980
Volunteer, Washington State University

Frank Manart, MD - 1981
Private Practice, Vail, CO

Lawrence Patzelt, MD - 1982 
Private Practice, Grand Rapids, MI

John C. Heiser, MD - 1983 
Private Practice, Grand Rapids, MI

Thomas Cain, MD - 1984 
Private Practice, Green Bay, WI

Douglas Cowgill, MD - 1985
Dean Clinic/St. Mary’s Hospital, Madison, WI

Fred Woelfel, MD - 1986
Private Practice, Pittsburgh, PA

Mark Ammons, MD - 1987 
Private Practice, Denver, CO

Glenn Whitman, MD - 1988
Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Mike See, MD - 1989
Private Practice, Columbia, MO

David Fullerton, MD - 1990
Professor, University of Colorado

John C. St. Cyr, MD - 1991
Medical Consultant, Minnesota

James Albert, MD - 1992
Private Practice, Colorado Springs, CO

Michael Grosso, MD - 1993
Research, Philadelphia, PA

James Brown, MD - 1994
Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Steve Jones, MD - 1995
Private Practice, Boise, ID

James Jaggers, MD - 1996
Professor, The Children's Hospital of Colorado, Aurora, CO

Mary Wollerming, MD - 1997
Skaggs Medical Center, Branson, MO

Max Mitchell, MD - 1998
Professor, Children's Hospital of Colorado, Aurora CO

Irving Shen, MD - 1999
Private Practice, Falls Church, VA

Peter Seirafi, MD - 2000
Private Practice, Sebastian, FL

Joseph Cleveland, Jr, MD - 2001
Associate Professor, University of Colorado

Brett Sheridan, MD - 2002
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina

Craig Selzman, MD - 2003
Associate Professor, University of Utah

Larry Brinckerhoff, MD - 2004
Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Tim Sherwood, MD - 2005
Private Practice, Frederick, MD

Aditya Kaza, MD - 2006
Assistant Professor, Primary Children’s Medical Center, University of Utah

Sunil Malhotra, MD - 2007
Assistant Professor, New York University

Gonzalo Carrizo, MD - 2008
Instructor, University of Florida

T. Brett Reece, MD - 2009
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado

John Charles Dugal, Jr, MD - 2010
Assistant Professor, Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans  

Ramesh Singh, MD - 2011                                                                                                                     
Assistant Professor, University of Louisville

Ashok Babu, MD - 2012                                                                                                                        
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado

Sagar Damle, MD - 2013
Private Practice, Nebraska Heart Institute

David Mauchley, MD - 2015
Fellow Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery, Children's Hospital Colorado

Justin Reeves, MD - 2016
Private Practice, Spokane, WA

Ryan Shelstad, MD - 2016
Private Practice, Lincoln, NE

Edward Bergeron, MD - 2017
Private Practice, Traverse City, MI

Giorgio Zanotti, MD - 2017
Private Practice, Indianapolis, IN 

Charles Cole, MD - 2018
Private Practice, Fayetteville, AR

Brendan Dewan, MD - 2018
Private Practice,  Austin, TX

Marshall Bell, MD - 2019
Private Practice, Oklahoma City, OK

Jordan Hoffman, MD - 2019
Assistant Professor, Cardiac Surgery, Vanderbilt University

Christopher Holley, MD - 2020
Private Practice, St. Louis Park, MN

Andrew Mesher, MD - 2020
Private Practice, Boise, ID

Vicente Valero, MD - 2021
Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA

Neil Venardos, MD - 2021
Fellow Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery, Children's Hospital Colorado