Colorado State Anatomical Board

State Anatomical Board

The Colorado State Anatomical Board is an agency of the State, created by statute in 1927. It is located at the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado. The members of the board are the Deans of the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and the Chairs of the Departments of Surgery and of Cell & Developmental Biology.

The State Anatomical Board was created to receive donated bodies for the purpose of education and research. Human anatomy is the basis of all medical knowledge, and can only be learned by anatomical study.

The giving of one's body at the time of death for anatomical study is truly a noble and commendable act. It is a gift of inestimable value both now and to future generations.

Contact Us
State Anatomical Board
(303) 724-2410

Contact at time of death
Please ask your family to call the board at (303) 724-2410.
If you are not called back immediately, please call the University Hospital operator at (720) 848-0000.

Student Testimonial

Memorial Ceremony

"I’m honored by the trust that you bestowed upon us with this gift and I feel privileged to have learned from you. Like you, I will strive to live my life as a woman of purpose, a woman of values, and a woman of courage."

Kiara Blough, Modern Human Anatomy class of 2016, in a letter written to the donor she was assigned in anatomy class and read aloud April 13, 2015 at the annual Anatomical Donor Memorial at Anschutz Medical Campus.

Dean Testimonial

Donor Memorial

I have always been impressed that the Anatomical Donor Memorial Service is one of our most emotional events.

Just what this service means for students and donors’ families and friends really resonated in a letter I received last week from a woman whose wrote:

"'I was the ancient, white-haired lady in the second or third row weeping through most of it.  Not just sadness, but a lot of gratitude, empathy and happiness. It was so well done – the prayers, the Arrhythmias (our student a capella group), the student bagpiper, and the very touching speakers … It was emotional, full of respect and in every way it meant a great deal of closure for me.'”

Richard D. Krugman, MD
Former Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Former Dean, School of Medicine

Donor Form

Board Members

John J. Reilly, Jr., M.D. | Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of School of Medicine
Chairmain, Anatomical Board of the State of Colorado

Dr. Caley Orr, Ph.D. | Professor for Cell & Developmental Biology
Secretary-Treasurer, Anatomical Board of the State of Colorado

Dr. Wendy Macklin, Ph.D. | Professor and Chair for Cell & Developmental Biology

Dr. Denise Kassebaum, DDS, MS | Dean for School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Michael Savage, DDS | School of Dental Medicine

The Gift of Leaving Your Body To Science

Anatomy is at the foundation of any course of study for health professionals from physicians, nurses and physician assistants to dentists and physical therapists. 

That is why body donation plays a pivotal role in educating our future health care professionals. Such generosity assists students in understanding the complexity and intricacy of human anatomy but can also be helpful to researchers studying new surgical or regenerative techniques to better serve patients.

There is a high demand for body donation. The State Anatomical Board works only with trusted institutions where your gift will be accepted with gratitude and treated respectfully.

If you are interested in leaving your body to science, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions. To arrange a donation, please fill out our anatomical donation form.  


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