Dual Degree Medical Doctorate/ Master of Aerospace Engineering (Bioastronautics)

Be Part of the Next Generation of Physicians 

We live on the brink of the next great age of human exploration. In the next few years, NASA, international space agencies, and commercial entities will travel back to the moon for the first time in 50 years and begin developing and testing the technologies required to travel to Mars and beyond.

As human spaceflight becomes more commonplace, there is a growing need for physicians cross trained in engineering to help design, research, and implement medical systems. The University of Colorado School of Medicine (SOM) and Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences on the Boulder campus have developed a dual degree program in Medicine and Aerospace Engineering with an emphasis in Bioastronautics that will award both MD and MS degrees after completion of a 5-year integrated curriculum. Our interdisciplinary faculty aims to train innovators in this unique and exciting field.