Transition Statement and Approach

The Colorado Sickle Cell Treatment and Research Center is committed to making a successful transfer of care, from pediatric care to adult care, by assisting individuals and their families through a series of transitions that occur from adolescences through young adulthood.   

The process involves working with youth and families, beginning at age 12 through age 26.  Together we will prepare for the change from a “pediatric” model of care, where parents make most of the decisions, to an “adult” model of care where youth take responsibility for decision-making.  The Transition Coordinator will meet annually with the individual and family.  Working together we will design a plan to help the youth develop skills to navigate the health care system, as well as other life transitions that occur during this time that can impact their overall health.  As an individual nears adulthood we will create a plan for maintaining medical adherence. The plan will be communicated to the pediatric and adult hematology provider and team.

At age 18, adolescents legally become adults.  We respect and encourage our young adults to continue to involve their families in their care but will need the young adult’s permission to discuss any personal or health information with family members.