Newborn Screening Program

Colorado has offered universal newborn screening for sickle cell disease since 1978. There are approximately 10-15 infants in Colorado and Wyoming each year identified with a hemoglobinopathy, most often sickle cell disease.

Under contract with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Sickle Cell Center is home to the Newborn Screening Hemoglobinopathies Follow-Up Program for all infants in Colorado and Wyoming identified with any form of sickle cell disease or other hemoglobinopathies. Follow-up includes direct communication with and support of the infant’s primary care provider; and direct communication with the family for facilitation of referral to the Children’s Hospital Colorado for specialty care. 

Annually an additional 1,100 infants in Colorado and Wyoming are found to carry a hemoglobin trait, including sickle cell trait.  Providers are notified by letter once the presence of a hemoglobin trait is confirmed by the CDPHE Laboratory. Educational materials regarding their particular trait are provided to the infant's family through their primary care provider and counseling is offered should they have questions or concerns. 


The following handouts can be downloaded or printed for patients. They are formatted as PDFs.