Clinical Trials

The staff of the Center conducts a variety of research studies to better to elucidate the pathophysiology of complications and to develop and implement treatments and systems of care that prevent or minimize complications and prolong and improve the quality of life.

Through the Center, patients have access to national multi-center studies, such as new protocols for bone marrow transplantation.

If you would like information regarding current clinical studies at our Center contact Julie McAfee at 303-724-9072.

National Trials

Local Trials and Projects

  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals - (active - questions to Julie McAfee) 
  • Selexys  (closed  -  data analysis in process)
  • Glycomimetics (closed / data analysis in process)
  • Port and Exchange Study Questionnaire (active)
  • CSCCN, Sickle Cell Demonstration Project 
  • L-Glutamine (closed)
  • EXJADE Palatability (closed)

Information & Participate

For more information or to participate in a trial, please contact: Julie McAfee | 303.724.9072