Radiology Elective to Promote Diversity in Radiology (REDR Program)

REDR Program is supported by the Department of Radiology and developed by the department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. The REDR program was designed to encourage fourth year medical students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds in radiology (including but not limited to women, persons underrepresented in medicine, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, persons with disabilities, religious minorities, and those from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds) to apply for a four-week fourth year clinical elective offered through the School of Medicine at University of Colorado for visiting students. We believe that support for a focused clinical experience will provide prospective applicants with a better opportunity to learn more about our residency program.

In addition to rotations through reading rooms along with routine morning and noon conferences, students participating in this program will be paired with a resident and faculty liaison so they can get to know our residency program in greater depth.