Katherine Marchak, M.D.

HometownKatherine Groesch 2 (1 of 1)

Decatur, IL


College: BS Biology, Loyola University Chicago
Medical School: University of Illinois (Peoria)

Professional Interests

Interventional Radiology 


Hiking, camping, snowboarding, tennis, enjoying the Colorado sunshine. 
Spending time with my husband, dogs and friends.
Exploring the mountains.

What are your favorite things to do in the Denver Area?

There are a ton of great things to do in Denver and nearby. In Denver, I enjoy jogging around Sloan's lake and taking my dogs to the Westminster or Cheery Creek dog parks. I also love exploring new restaurants and breweries, in neighborhoods like are the Highlands and RiNo. There is no shortage of great things to do in the nearby mountains, I prefer hiking, camping and  snowboarding. 

 Groesch Mountains

What is the biggest strength of our program?

I believe that the biggest strength of the program is the people. From the residents and attendings to our program coordinator and program directors, we have a great support system. People are always willing to help cover anytime anyone has a scheduling conflict or family emergency, which makes life outside of work much easier. And of course, I enjoy spending time with my coresidents!

Honors and Awards 

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society 
Excellence in Radiology Award- University of Illinois 
Loyola Athletics- Highest 4 year GPA for Student Athlete 
Summa Cum Laude- Loyola University Chicago
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

Publications and presentations 

Marchak KS, Hong MJ, Schramm K. Systemic Air Embolism Following CT-Guided Percutaneous Core Needle Biopsy of the Lung, Case Report and Review of the Literature. Seminars in Interventional Radiology, 2019; 36(02): 068-07. 

Marchak KS, Schramm K, Gipson M. Target Obscured By Intervening Bowel? An Effective Technique to Aid in CT-Guided Abdominal and Pelvic Intervention. Poster presentation SIR 44th annual meeting, Austin, TX, 2019.

Marchak K,  Johnson D, DeWitt P,  Uy D, Brown M, Trivedi P, Lindquist J, Schramm K, Kondo K, Ryu R, Rochon P. Retrospective Comparative Study on the Use of Steroids to Decrease Post-Embolization Syndrome in Patient Undergoing Partial Splenic Embolization. Poster presentation SIR 45th annual meeting, 2020. 

Groesch KS, Yang RW, Olson MM. An unusual tumor of the perineum. Poster presentation at the University of Illinois College of Medicine Research Forum, Urbana, IL, 2012.

Groesch KS. Microcytic anemia in a complicated presentation of primary hyperparathyroidism. Poster presentation at University of Illinois College of Medicine Research Forum, Peoria, IL, 2015.