Zak Ritchey, M.D.


Zak Ritchey

Wahiawa, HI 


College: BS Biology, University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Medical School: Chicago Medical School                       

Professional Interests




Hiking, mountain biking, traveling, writing

What are your favorite things to do in the Denver Area?

Exploring the rocky mountains, trying new restaurants, enjoying the sun in all four seasons

What is your favorite aspect of our program? 

My favorite aspects of this program are the great people, the supportive culture, the fun location, and the commitment to excellent training.

Honors and Awards 

American Heart Association One-year Predoctoral Fellowship 
International Stroke Conference Junior Investigator Travel Award
Radiological Society of North America Trainee Research Prize



Ritchey, Z., Hollatz, A. L., Weitzenkamp, D., Fenton, L. Z., Maxwell, E. C., Bernard, T. J., & Stence, N. V. (2016). Pediatric cortical vein thrombosis: frequency and association with venous infarction. Stroke, 47(3), 866-868.

Ritchey, Z., Hayes, K., Hankinson, T., Stence, N.V. (2017). A 14-month-old girl with vomiting and lethargy. Case of the Month October 2017. American Journal of Neuroradiology.

Ritchey, Z., Mirsky, D. M., Weitzenkamp, D., Bernard, T. J., Herson, P. S., & Stence, N. V. (2019). Age-associated hippocampal volume changes in childhood arterial ischemic stroke. Child's Nervous System, 35(2), 295-300.