Philip Asamoah, M.D.



Fishers, IN


College: BS Neuroscience | BA Spanish, Indiana University
Graduate School: MBA, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
Medical School: University of Michigan School of Medicine

Professional Interests

I'm interest in Body Imaging and MSK Imaging, but I'm not 100% decided yet on a fellowship. I'm also interested in administration and I'm currently involved in HSA and global radiology (RAD-AID). 


Playing video games, board games, skiing, listening to live music, breweries, soccer and hiking.

What are your favorite things to do in the Denver Area?

Hiking, skiing (haven't done a ton of it but it's fun), eating out, going to concerts at Red Rocks, attending sporting events, exploring the city.

What is the most rewarding thing about Radiology residency? 

The most rewarding (and simultaneously aggravating) thing about radiology residency is the continual challenge of trying to master the massive mountain of knowledge we are required to assimilate (at times, it seems insurmountable). I feel like the reward outweighs the frustration though, because you make a tremendous difference in patient care and other providers really value our contributions. The breadth of knowledge we obtain from the comprehensiveness of our training experience allows us to bring a lot of added value to the table. This knowledge base includes a combination of: the entirety of human anatomy; the entirety of human physiology and pathophysiology; the wide range of appearances of a variety of disease processes on a number of different diagnostic imaging modalities; the technical aspects of the same modalities with their associated physics principles; and the equipment and techniques involved in performing minimally invasive interventions. It can be really daunting at times to be honest. Yet, because there is so much to know and because there are always emerging developments and new changes impacting healthcare and radiology, there is never a moment when you will stop learning and growing, which is also very exciting if you are naturally curious (as I am if you couldn't tell).  

Honors and Awards

National Merit Scholar, National Achievement Scholar, IU Herbert Presidential Scholar, IU Hudson and Holland Scholar, IU Excellence Scholarship, IU Founders Day Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa inductee, University of Michigan Medical School Dean's Scholar

Publications, presentations, abstracts, etc. 

Working on a number of projects...ask me in a year...