Luke Byers, D.O.


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Longmont, CO


College: Colorado State University
Medical School: Touro University of Nevada, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Internship: Maricopa Integrated Health System

Professional Interests

Interventional Radiology
NeuroInterventional Radiology
Device development


Motorcycle Riding
EDM Concerts


What is the biggest strength of our program?

I think our program's biggest strength would be our program's emphasis on clinical education to ensure that our trainees finish as excellent clinicians and proceduralists.


Book Chapter

Byers L.A., Rochon P.J. (2018) Obstructive Uropathy. In: Keefe N., Haskal Z., Park A., Angle J. (eds) IR Playbook. Springer, Cham

Journal Articles

Byers, L, Brown, M., Johnson, D., Rochon, P. (2019). TACE, DEE-TACE, and Its Evolution in Metastatic Disease. Digestive Disease Interventions. 03. 10.1055/s-0037-1608806.

Poster Presentation

Byers, L., Rochon, P. (2020). Review of Vascular Microcatheters Compatibility with Ethiodinized Oil/Lipiodol, Ethanol, and Dimethyl sulfoxide. Accepted for poster presentation at 14th Annual Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies, New York City, NY.

Byers, L., Emmonds, E., Rochon, P., et. Al. (2018). High-risk cardiac lead extraction: IR’s role multidisciplinary care to improve patient outcomes. Poster presented at 43nd Annual Scientific Meeting of Society of Interventional Radiology, Los Angeles, CA.

Byers, L., Orrison, W.. (2014). Protection Against Radiation-induced Brain Tumors in Interventional Professionals. Poster presented at: 100th Annual Radiologic Society of North America; Chicago, IL.

Oral Presentation

Beecher, J, Orrison, W., Byers, L.. (2014). Universal CT Dose Reduction: Should a Policy of Providing Patient Shielding Be Required?. Oral Presentation presented at: 100th Annual Radiologic Society of North America; Chicago, IL.

Orrison W., Byers, L.. (2014). Adolescent Development and Brain Imaging. Oral Presentation presented at: Western Juvenile Defender Center Leadership Summit; Las Vegas, NV.

Orrison, W., Byers, L.. (2014). Neuroimaging in Carbon Monoxide Exposure. Oral Presentation presented at: 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine; Salt Lake City, UT.

Orrison, W., Byers, L., Beecher, J., Boland, P., Brian, J. et. al.. (2014). Neuroimaging Traumatic Brain Injury. Oral Presentation presented at: 9th Annual Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference; San Diego, CA.