Meet our Faculty and Postdocs

Faculty NameInstitution and Research Topics
Marie T. Banich, PhD

CU Boulder

Cognitive neuroscience and human neuropsychology

Tim Benke, MD, PhD

CU Denver

Cellular mechanisms by which early life seizures (ELS) subvert the processes of normal neuronal development 

Elysia Poggi Davis, Phd

University of Denver

Prenatal/early origins of health and development

C. Neill Epperson, MD

CU Denver

Individual and interactive effects of childhood adversity, sex as a biological variable (SABV) and neuroendocrinology on risk and resilience for mood, cognitive and substance use disorders across the lifespan

Christian Hopfer, MD

CU Denver

Clinical epidemiology and behavior genetics of conduct disorder

Mark Laudenslager, PhD

CU Denver

Psycho-neuroendrocrinology/immunology of behavioral development

Amanda Law, PhD

CU Denver

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of genetic susceptibility to severe psychiatric disorders

Ken Maclean, PhD

CU Denver

Animal models of down syndrome and autism

Elaine Morrato, DrPH, MPH, CPH

CU Denver

Accelerating the translation of pharmaceutical innovation (with an emphasis on drug safety and FDA warnings) into practice to improve population health

Douglas K. Novins, MD

CU Denver

Special problems of American Indian adolescents

Judy Reaven, PhD

CU Denver

Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-occurring psychiatric symptoms, especially treatment of anxiety

Donald Rojas, PhD

Colorado State University 

Brain imaging in neurodevelopmental disorders

Joseph Sakai, MD

CU Denver

Better understanding the biological basis of adolescent substance and conduct problems

Heather Taussig, PhD

University of Denver and University of Colorado 

Preventive intervention research with youth who have experienced extreme adversity, including maltreated youth with child welfare involvement

Jason Tregellas, PhD

CU Denver

The development of neuropathology in schizophrenia, using fMR

Sarah Enos Watamura, PhD 

University of Denver 

Children's physiologic regulation, their development within care giving contexts, and relations between physiologic regulation and physical and psychological health


Name and DegreeYears of TrainingResearch Interests & Grant Funding
Jessica Cao, PhD2019-2020Examining the role of L-type calcium channels in abnormal synaptic plasticity and neurocognitive disorders
John Cooley, PhD2018-2020Peer victimization adn youth aggression
Amanda Noroña, PhD2018-2020Development of emotion regulation in childhood, examining predictors from within the child (e.g.,
temperament, physiological reactivity) to the child's environmental context (e.g., parenting behaviors, 
family emotional climate, income level), as well as interactions among these internal and external
Neda Senehi, PhD2018-2020The role of maternal Emotion Socialization and maternal Mentalization-Related Parenting Behaviors 
(including mind-mindedness, mental state language, and meta-emotion philosophy), in promoting self-regulation, particularly in at-risk

Allison Shapiro, PhD

2017-2019​How exposure to obesity and diabetes in utero affect offspring cognitive development of attention and executive function and associated brain networks in a large, pre-birth cohort of 4-6 year old children
Aviva Olsavsky, MD2017-2019​Salience processing and reward function in the context of parent-child relationships in mothers with trauma exposure

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