About Us

Program Vision and Goals

The Program to Advance Physician Scientists and Translational Research is a School of Medicine based program developed to augment the training, number, career satisfaction, and retention of physician scientists at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

The Program focuses on the goal of improving the impact of research and strengthening the comradery among a broad community of physician scientists. Career choices are made early and these choices are heavily influenced by mentorship and opportunity.

Consequently, we have developed programs focused on students, trainees, early career faculty, MDs and PhDs, and established physician-scientists. Sustaining the careers of physician scientists requires collaboration with a broad group of MD and PhD investigators and ongoing opportunities in translational and interdisciplinary research. To accomplish this, we have also established programs to foster programmatic research among established investigators.

Since the translational research environment is critical to the success of physician scientists, we strive to foster a collaborative environment on campus, supporting both MDs and PhDs involved in pursuing careers in translational research in the School of Medicine.


David Schwartz, MD
Program Director

Jennifer Kemp, PhD
Associate Program Director

Paul Wood, MA
Program Manager