ISM Team Training

Incentives and Support for MOUD (ISM) will help your practice increase access to Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) for your patients and build the confidence of waivered providers to successfully support patients eligible for MOUD in primary care.  

Practices with at least one provider with or committed to getting their DEA X-Waiver and who have prescribed MOUD to 4 or fewer patients in the last three months are eligible to participate. 

Practices will receive up to $12,000 by completing progressive implementation milestones across 12 months. This will be broken into three payments of $4,000 and paid upon completion of project deliverables. Payment will be prorated if not every bucket is complete. 

Project implementation will begin January 2022


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ITMATTTRs2 Team Training

The Practice Team Training will help you to identify and assess patients who are appropriate for Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD), apply knowledge of buprenorphine to manage patients with OUD, discuss psychiatric diagnoses and co-morbidities associated with OUD, and help you to build a clinical team that has knowledge, skills, and resources to treat OUD.

For practices that have a MOUD certified prescriber, the practice team training will equip all staff members with the expertise and tools to support a successful MOUD program within a clinic.

The High Plains Research Network (HPRN) and the Colorado Research Network (CaReNet) worked with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), local community practice coaches, and research liaisons to create a curriculum to train the entire practice team staff on how to provide a comprehensive MAT program for patients with OUD.

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