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Rochelle Cason-Wilkerson

Rochelle Cason-Wilkerson, MD


Dr. Rochelle Cason-Wilkerson is currently a health disparity researcher in the area of childhood obesity. Her current work is community-based participatory research which aims to (1) qualitatively develop an understanding of the interplay of cultural influence and environment that may play a part in creating a more obesogenic environment, and (2) use that information to develop a more culturally appropriate intervention to decrease the current obesity disparity that is seen in African American (AA) preschoolers.

Additionally, she was recently awarded a grant through the APA (Academic Pediatric Association) that will allow her to also study sleep health disparities in African American preschoolers. As sleep deficiency has been associated with obesity/overweight and AA children currently have the highest sleep deficiencies. This study will try to understand why that is the case by looking at sleep barriers, facilitators, routine, etc., that may play a part in increasing the risk of obesity through decreased sleep in preschool age AA children.

Matthew HaemerMatthew A. Haemer
The focus of Dr. Matt Haemer‘s career to this point has been ameliorating health disparities related to Childhood Obesity for low income and Latino children. This includes investigations of counseling interventions in the primary care setting and family-based group intensive weight management treatment. This work has been conducted through partnerships with safety-net primary care clinics and community agencies. More than 80% of the participants and Dr. Haemer studies self identify as Hispanic or Latino, more than half are primarily Spanish-speaking, and the majority are insured by Medicaid.
Susan L JohnsonSusan L. Johnson, PhD
The Children’s Eating Laboratory, directed by Dr. Susan Johnson, conducts nutrition and physical activity interventions that take place in rural communities, often through Head Start, and which focus on families from diverse backgrounds.  The aim of these interventions is to assist families and child care programs to build optimal environments to support young children’s development of healthy eating and activity behaviors.
Krebs_Nancy-80X100Nancy F. Krebs, MD, MS
Dr. Nancy Krebs is currently co-directing a pre-conception maternal nutrition intervention trial in 4 low resource countries (India, Pakistan, DR Congo, Guatemala); outcomes will include those of public health interest plus extensive maternal & infant biological phenotyping.
Katherine SauderKatherine A. Sauder, PhD
Dr. Katherine Sauder's research includes understanding disparities and social determinants of health for obesity, diabetes, and comorbidities in diverse mother/offspring populations and addresses the disparately high burden of obesity and diabetes in American Indian children with a lifestyle intervention.
Darcy_ThompsonDarcy A. Thompson MD MPH

Dr. Darcy Thompson's research focuses on the disparate prevalence of early childhood obesity in low-income Latino families. She is specifically interested in identifying factors contributing to risk and resilience in order to ensure the design of culturally and contextually informed interventions.