We hope this website is providing you insightful and useful information about our Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship. It is important for you to know that our program is committed to fostering inclusion, recruitment, and retainment of a diverse workforce that meets the healthcare needs of children in the 21st century. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds (inclusive of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic status) to apply to our program. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about our diversity programs.

This tab provides useful resources to help you gain a better understanding of the program and its requirements. This section will be updated regularly to include educational materials, relevant forms and documents, and other learning opportunities.

List of Resources:

  1. ABP Criteria for Sub-specialty Certification
  2. Eligibility and Selection
  3. Sample Training Agreement
  4. Work and Learning Environment Policy
  5. Prospective Resident Benefits Summary
  6. Diversity Matters Flyer

If you have questions about our program or your interview day, please use the link to access the form below.

Link:  Pre-interview questions for the program

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Program Overview Part 1 Program Overview Part 2


The Barbara Davis Center provides state-of-the-art diabetes care to >7,500 active patients: 4,600 children and 2,900 adults with diabetes from the Rocky Mountain Region as well as receiving national and international referrals. We provide inpatient care to patients with any type of diabetes who are seen at the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

We serve remote areas of the Rocky Mountain Region through our telemedicine program. The division also features clinical epidemiology studies including multicenter studies and trials with partners around the world. Barbara Davis Center serves more than 90% of Colorado children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, CO is ranked No. 6 on the Best Children's Honor Roll. It is nationally ranked in 10 pediatric specialties. It is a children’s general medical and surgical facility. It is a teaching hospital. Children's Hospital Colorado is located on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.

The hospital's work is centered on its main campus, which includes a Level 1 trauma center, but patients have access to emergency and urgent care services at multiple locations throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

The Interview Day

Our fellowship program will be conducting virtual interviews for this upcoming interview season. We look forward to sharing our program information with you and getting to know more about you. Our virtual interview dates are provided below.

Fall Interview dates:

  1. Monday, September 20
  2. Monday, September 27
  3. Monday, October 4
  4. Monday, October 25
  5. Monday, November 1


Our goal is to help reduce your interview day jitters by letting you know what to expect for your Colorado fellowship virtual interview. Below is the layout of the interview day to help you be prepared.

Zoom for Interviews

Our program uses the Zoom online meeting platform for video conferencing. The University of Colorado's Zoom encryption is configured for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance; however, be sure to use caution with sensitive information.

Here is a short video about joining and configuring your device for a Zoom interview. 


Interview Day Structure

Fellows Happy Hour

Join our fellows for an informal session Thursday evening prior to your interview day.


8:00am – Join Monday morning endocrinology case conference

9:15am – Break

9:30am – Fellowship Overview with Program Director Dr. Jennifer Barker and Dr. Shideh Majidi

10:20am- Interviews with faculty at Children’s Hospital Colorado and Barbara Davis Center (there will be breaks in-between interviews)

12:50pm – Wrap-up with Dr. Majidi

Additional Information:  If you would like additional personal time during your interview day, such as to pump, please let the program coordinator know immediately and she will arrange it in the schedule. 

Once each applicant has been provided with their interview schedule, they will access the Zoom meeting link for each faculty interviewer based on their schedule.  Applicants will meet with the current fellows for about 45 minutes each prior to the faculty interviews.

  1. A set number of candidates will be interviewing with five faculty members.
  2. Fellow applicants will sit in a main Zoom waiting for their 1:1 faculty interviews
  3. The waiting room serves the same equivalent as a a physical office.
  4. The faculty interviewer will host the Zoom meeting for each applicant and help drive the applicants to their Zoom meeting, while the coordinator stays in the main session to facilitate conversations.
  5. The faculty should provide a 5-minute warning to the interview meeting and encourage applicants to leave the zoom meeting and return to the interview day dashboard to take a break and prepare for their next interview.

Contact Information:

Jennifer M. Barker MD

Shideh Majidi MD

  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Advisor for Diabetes
  • Head of Fellowship Recruitment
  • Barbara Davis for Diabetes 1775 Aurora Ct.
  • Aurora, CO 80045
  • Phone: (303) 724-2323
  • Shideh.Majidi@cuanschutz.edu

Kristen Hyden, MS

  • Education Program Coordinator for Pediatric Endocrinology & Pediatric Obesity and Clinical Nutrition Fellowships
  • 3123 East 16th Avenue
  • Aurora, CO 80045
  • Phone: (720) 7773187
  • Kristen.hyden@childrenscolorado.org 

                                    Meet the Faculty

We look forward

to meeting you online!!!

COVID-19 Impact on Recruitment
National Guidelines
The leadership of APPD, CoPS, and AMSPDC has been working collaboratively with fellowship and residency leaders and trainees to mitigate the effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on them and their educational programs and health systems. To prepare for the 2021 fellowship application cycle, we have developed the following recommendations for programs to adopt and incorporate into their recruitment planning processes... Application Process Recommendations


Diversity / Equity / Inclusion


The Department of Pediatrics believes that an environment of inclusiveness and respect promotes excellence, and that a setting where diversity is valued leads to the training of physicians who are prepared to practice culturally effective medicine and meet the needs of the various populations we serve.

Visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page to learn more...


Well-Being / Resilience

Be well

By embracing wellness and improving personal resiliency, physicians can reconnect with the meaning of their work and fend off stress. Reducing or eliminating burnout also has practical implications for the entire department such as improving patient safety, student advancement, and the overall campus environment. 

Visit our Pediatric Well-Being and Resilience website...