Franco, Santos

Santos Franco, PhD, has been promoted to Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Section of Developmental Biology. Santos’s lab focuses on how the nervous system forms during development and disease. Current research in the Franco Lab is funded by the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the NIH, and aims to understand how neural stem cells are instructed to produce specific neurons and glial cells in the developing brain. 

Mosimann, Christian

Christian Mosimann, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics in the Section of Developmental Biology, has been awarded the 2020 Junior Faculty Award for Excellence from the Zebrafish Disease Models Society (ZDMS). The award recognizes excellence in zebrafish disease modeling research by an early independent investigator, based on the quality and significance of a recent research publication. Christian’s laboratory used the zebrafish model to uncover the possible involvement of the gene BCL9 in congenital heart defects. The research article was published in Genes & Development. The work showcases how zebrafish and mouse experiments can be used to gain new insights into possible causes of congenital disease. Christian holds the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Chair for the Cardiac Research Director.