Strengthening families, communities and the systems that serve them during the Coronavirus pandemic


A Message on COVID-19 from The Kempe Center

As we face the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we are all facing a lot of uncertainty, what is quite clear is that the current crisis is likely to create tremendous stress for already high-risk families and providing support for families and the professionals that are working to serve them is now more critical than ever. For the past 48 years Kempe has promoted understanding, knowledge and best practices to support and strengthen families, communities and the systems that serve them.

As the Coronavirus situation escalates our role is to continue working on behalf of vulnerable children and families by bolstering the capacity of professionals in our field. Our team is working hard to adapt our work to best respond to rapidly evolving workforce needs by modifying our current services to fully virtual learning formats and it is our intent to continue expanding access to our expertise during this time.  

We are currently in uncharted waters and recognize that the response to this situation is not the responsibility of one discipline or organization. This is a time for collaboration and innovation. We need to lean on each other for support and learn from one another as we adjust to new ways of working and how we interact with one another personally and professionally.

We know that our community also needs access to resources that extend beyond our area of expertise during this crisis, so our team has compiled information from local and national community organizations to provide you with current and reliable resources.